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This page is to assist you to view Vietnamese fonts correctly

Vietnamese characters Help.
(What's is this: Nếu bạn thấy dng chữ Việt ny tốt, bạn khng cần cc gip đỡ bn dưới  - don't worry, we are here to help you to see it correctly)




This page is created to assist you to view Vietnamese fonts correctly. Internet Explorer 5. or later recommended. website was built mostly with Unicode fonts, so that you don't have to install any specific Vietnamese fonts in order to view the pages if you have the above recommended browsers. You should have Unicode fonts installed already on your Windows operating system with Internet Explorer 5. or later.

If it does not seem right, "right click" on any BLANK area of the page, and a menu scroll down, choose "Encoding" and then choose "Western European (Windows)"
You can also choose "Vietnamese" on the drop down menu, but this will cause the "y'" character (letter "y" and the acute accent) to become u* ("u" with a quote) or something... If you don't have "Vietnamese" on the "Encoding" menu, even when you select "More", then you can use the Windows Updates program to install this directly from Microsoft.

Everything should be fine by now, if you can't find "Encoding" option when right-clicking, just choose another normal position on the page (don't right click a link or an image!).

Lastly, if you can't figure it out, or don't want to use Window Update, click here to download and install Unicode fonts on your computer, this link is recommended if you have fast connection (cable or better), it may take around 10 seconds if you are on cable. It will take about 8 minutes on traditional 56Kbps dial-up connection. You can choose a "safer" location from here (recommended for dial-up modems in Vietnam since the files is geographically closer to you!) so you can be sure it won't have any virus attached.


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